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The Team

The organization is based in Berlin, Germany. Our office is situated in Pangea-Haus, a center dedicated to peaceful intercultural interaction. Our members hail from three continents and speak a variety of languages, such as German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and Tajik. They hold degrees in German law, European and international law, human rights and humanitarian law, public policy and international relations, to name a few.


Human Rights Matter’s (HRM) vision is one where there exists a peaceful, fair and human rights friendly environment, and a world where all people’s dignity is respected and protected.

What is happening on the other side of the world just as much as what is happening in our own neighborhoods are all issues that affect our collective wellbeing. The ripple effect of human actions both good and bad are undeniable. HRM actively chooses to focus on the positive spectrum of that ripple effect by working towards the betterment of our society and hopes that others will be motivated to do the same.

Mission Statement

We are committed to a worldwide stance to uphold and protect everyone’s human dignity as it is envisioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by defending abused and threatened individuals and groups.  

We aim to achieve our mission through the integration of a seamless array of services that incorporates law, education, and social well-being.

Organizational Values

Transparency and Accountability – Transparency will be implemented in our organization in accordance with the principle of accessibility and openness balanced with the principle of confidentiality and security of information of those who we work with and alongside to.

Creativity and Strategy – In our work we see generating of strategies and policies with an ingenious and innovative spin as a necessary approach for ensuring appropriate measures are taken regardless of adverse circumstances.  

Solidarity and Collaboration – HRM will cooperate and unite with dreamers and doers to achieve our shared visions and stand alongside others who aspire for a better future. Partnership and collaboration will be treated with a healthy sense of equality and mutual respect.

Community-Based-Work– Our work is rooted in local and international people’s movements. We see a need to honor fully the interest of the people we represent and believe that a bottom-up and community-based approach is necessary if we are to achieve lasting and sustainable change.

Equality, Inclusiveness, and Diversity– A cornerstone of our work is using a participatory approach which highlights the spirit of equality and inclusiveness, we strive for diversity in all our endeavors from our program areas and office environment to our members and staff all the way up to our partners and supporters.

Impartiality and Independence We will not compromise our professional integrity by lowering our work standards; nor allow financial, religious or political institutions to embed ulterior motives into our agenda. We are wholeheartedly determined to do good work and thus we need to have standards that allow fairness and independence to flourish.


Über Uns

Human Rights Matter (HRM) entstand im November 2013 durch die Zusammenarbeit interessierter Menschenrechtsaktivisten und Juristen. Wir möchten Menschenrechts- und Grundrechtsverletzungen auf globaler Ebene angehen, indem wir zielgerichtet mit anderen Organisationen und Aktivisten gemeinsame Strategien entwickeln und ausführen.

 Das Team

Unsere Organisation hat ihren Sitz in Berlin. Unser Büro befindet sich im Pangea-Haus, einem Zentrum für friedliches interkulturelles Zusammenleben. Unsere Mitglieder stammen von drei verschiedenen Kontinenten und sprechen zahlreiche Sprachen, z.B. Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Russisch, Ukrainisch und Tadschik. Sie verfügen u.a. über akademische Abschlüsse in deutschem Recht, Europa- und Völkerrecht, Menschenrechte und Humanitäres Recht, Öffentliches Ordnungsrecht und internationale Beziehungen.

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