INTERNATIONAL WOMEN HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS DAY – Philippines: Zara Alvarez continues her work in spite of incarceration and threats

Human Rights violation against HRD’s Besides facing enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings, Human rights defenders in the Philippines face constant threats, intimidation, unlawful arrest and detention. Many HRD’s are branded as leftist communists belonging to the New People’s Army, but more often than not they are just branded as common criminals capable of committing heinous crimes. Often HRDs also become victims of prolonged litigation procedures.

Media Killings Continue in the Philippines

By Nonoy Espina It is to be expected that when President Benigno Aquino III visits Europe, he will boast of his administration’s great strides in ridding the Philippines of corruption, resuscitating its economy, establishing peace in the troubled south, and uplifting the lives of the people. What will be left unsaid or, at best, glossed … Continue reading Media Killings Continue in the Philippines