Are you seeking asylum in Berlin? Are you unaware of your rights as an asylum seeker?
Do you need consultation and/or assistance for the asylum interview?

Human Rights Matter launches its project “Seeking Asylum is a Human Right” (SAIHR), which aims to provide preparation and accompaniment during the asylum seeking interview. For achieving this goal Human Rights Matter offers a workshop in camps for newly arrived asylum seekers. Participants learn about what rights they have before, during and after an interview, what they should expect as well as be prepared to provide a detailed description of what happened with them in their home country.

We offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Families are welcome. A translator will be available upon request.

Please contact us for further information and/or make an appointment at:


Project Flyer

Seeking Asylum is a Human Right – persiska-dari

Seeking asylum is a Human Right – arabic

Seeking asylum is a Human Right – en